Craft beer & cocktails.

Nothing too esoteric, nothing too beard-strokey. Well made, interesting beers, lagers and ciders that you can actually drink and enjoy. This spring/summer we're featuring the likes of And Union, Freedom, Alphabet, Fixed Wheel, Purity, Meantime, Moritz, Viru and a few we'd never heard of until we drank them!

Long, chilled pints and little cans and bottles with cool contents.

Our cocktails are no-messing as well. A shortlist of classics and our own inventions, all served strong, in big glasses with lots of ice and half a bowl of fruit.

Our little gang of premium liquors includes what we think is the best tequila in the country, Blue Hour Anejo.

Club Mate, Fritz Kola and cold brew coffee on the side.





And Union

We make modernist Bavarian craft beer.

In 2007, we started to work hand-in-hand with different brewmasters from small regional Bavarian family-run breweries to create craft lagers and ales that we are not only proud to produce for our customers, but love to drink ourselves.

WE ARE INDEPENDENT. We are a trio of a father, a son & his long time business partner & friend. We currently work with four small Bavarian breweries that are family-owned and family-run. WE ARE SMALL. We only partner with small regional breweries. WE ARE TRADITIONAL. The oldest brewery we work with is almost 500 years old. The youngest brewery we work with is 90 years old. We make beer the old-fashioned way with only barley, yeast, hops and water.

You cant rush craftsmanship, and thats why our traditional brewing processes take up to 12 weeks.

blue hour.jpg

Blue Hour Tequila

La Hora Azul—Blue Hour Tequila proudly represents a blend of 100% Pure Blue Agave concerns around the Jalisco region, where the farmers of our co-operative each bring a distinct tradition and approach to the cultivation and irrigation, care and harvesting of Blue Agave. Our farms are spread across separate regions of Volcán Tequila, and the varied soil, elevations, and climate affect the flavour, textures and complexities of the Agave.

Their elevation at birth determines their elevation in life. Our Blue Agave are already the largest and most mature in the region, and evolve in color from smoky blues to brilliant violets. They produce more aguamiel and natural sweetness than those of any other provider. And all 300 farming families have lovingly grown, hand-harvested, and hand-cut our Blue Agave for generations, reaching back through the myths and mists of time to their ancestors.



Natural Energy Shower. Club­Mate is a caffeinated carbonated maté­ extract beverage made by the Loscher Brewery (Brauerei Loscher) in Germany. Club­Mate is popular for its relatively high caffeine content and low sugar content. Club­Mate became well known in the Berlin's club scene during the 90’s as an alternative to unhealthy energy drinks. 

The savour of Club­Mate is somehow different but refreshing. It stimulates but doesn't make you fidgety. Club­Mate is both thirst­quenching and delicious. It invigorates and gives you a boost! Club­Mate is made from Mate,­ an old South American jungle plant. With its naturally occurring unique combination of stimulants, maté tea is extremely popular in South America, the natives attribute many positive effects to it. So, it's no surprise that maté is praised as the green gold of the native Indians, a natural remedy and a magic potion. There is one full teaspoon of yerba­mate tea in every single bottle of Club­Mate. Club­Mate is a treat to your tongue and a necessity to your body.