Streetfood, soulfood, high-class fast food. Call it what you like, it's everywhere. We keep it simple with a small mix of resident traders and visiting guests. Last season we were blessed by the likes of Burger Bear, Raclette Brothers, Dim Sum Su, Pizza Traders, The Vegan Grindhouse, The Mexican Bean, BAKE and many more. For spring/summer we have Brum's new burger sensation, Burgerilla alongside Mr Bailey's Jerk Shack, served up with weekly guests. 



Every time Burgerilla flip, someone says it's the best they've ever had. Apparently the recipe is very simple. Really good meat, freshly ground daily, smashed and grilled to order, with a bit of love. The speciality is the Mexican Gorilla, grilled 'animal-style' in The Mexican Bean's homemade chipotle sauce. It's smoky, juicy and spicy-hot. We think it's the only animal-style burger in Birmingham.


Mr Bailey's Jerk Shack

Clouds of smoke, blackened flesh smashed with a machete and splashed with tangy-sweet-spicy sauce. That's proper jerk. That's Mr Bailey's profession. Mrs Bailey makes fried dumplin, golden stew chicken, mutton curry, oxtail and butterbean and her special, Ital steam veg with callaloo, kale, sweet potato, corn and lots more healthy goodness.


Guest Traders

We're not going for a list as long as your arm. Just a few special treats from the UK's best travelling traders.